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Deye Storage Battery 6.1KWH Deye Storage Battery 6.1KWH
Deye Storage Battery 6.1KWH Deye Storage Battery 6.1KWH
Deye Storage Battery 6.1KWH Deye Storage Battery 6.1KWH
Deye Storage Battery 6.1KWH Deye Storage Battery 6.1KWH


Deye Storage Battery 6.1KWH

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This series lithium iron phosphate battery is one of new energystorage products developed and produced by Deye , it can be used to supportreliable power forvarious types of equipment and systems.This series is especially suitable for application scene of high power,imited installation space, restricted load- bearing and long cycle life.This series has built in BiS battery management sytem, which can manage and monitor cels intormation including voltage, curent andtemperature. What's more, BMS can balance cells charging and discharging to extend cycle life.Multiple batteries can connect in parallel to expand capacity and power in parallel for larger capacity and longer power supporting durotion
  • RW-M6.1

  • Deye


Product Description



Cobalt Free Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP)Battery:Safety and long Lifespan,high efficiency and high-Power density.Intelligent BMS,providing complete protection.


Support high dischargepower.IP65,natural cooling,wide temperaturerange:-20℃ to 55℃.


Modular design,easy to expand,Max.32 units in parallel,Max.capacity of 196kWh.

Suited to residential and commercial applications for increasing theself-consumption ratio.


Battery module auto networking,Automatic IP addressing,Easy maintenance,remotely monitoring and upgrade,Support USB drive upgrade the firmware.


Use environmental protection materials,the whole module non-toxic,pollution-free.


High-power density:Flat design,wall-mounted,saving installation space.


Model RW-M6.1
Main Parameter
Battery Chemistry LiFePO₄
Capacity (Ah) 120
Scalability( 1 battery group) Max.32 in Parallel(196kWh)
Nominal Voltage (V) 51.2
Operating Voltage(V) 43.2~57.6
Energy (kWh) 6.14
Usable Energy (kWh) 5.53

Recommend 60

                                          Peak (2 mins,25°℃) 150
Other Parameter
Recommend Depth of Discharge 90%
Dimension (W/H/D,mm) 460×720×143
Weight Approximate (kg) 55
Master LED Indicator 5LED(SOC:20%~100%),3LED (working,alarming,protecting
IP Rating of Enclosure IP65
Working Temperature (℃) Charge:0~55/Discharge:-20~55
Storage Temperature 0℃~35℃
Humidity 5%~95%
Altitude ≤2000m
Cycle Life 25°C±2°℃,0.5C/0.5C,70%EOL≥6000
Installation Wall-Mounted,Floor-Mounted
Communication Port CAN2.0,RS485
Warranty 10 years
Life Cycle Power During Warranty Period3 20MWh@70%EOL
Certification UL1973,FCC,IEC62619,CEI0-21,UN38.3,UKCA,VDE 2510-50

*The above information is for reference only, please contact the sales manager for details.


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