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Energy Storage

Energy Storage

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Solar Inverters

Solar Inverters

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Solar Modules

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Solar Accessories

Solar Accessories

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Building & Maintaining The Energy Infrastructures Throughout The World

Energy Around World

Energy Production Enhancement

Energy Around World

Solar modules are one of the most popular renewable sources of energy. It is environment friendly, reliable, and affordable. We provide solar modules around the world.

Stability & Comfort

Stability and Comfort Energy Production

Stability & Comfort

We provide stability and comfort for energy production by providing a reliable, efficient and affordable energy source.

Renewable Resource

Renewable Energy Production

Renewable Resource

Renewable energy comes from natural sources that replace themselves more quickly than they are used up.

Top-Selling Solar Modules products

590W-610Watt Half-Cell Mono Bificial Module LF590-LF610M12-60H/BF

590W-610W Half-Cell Mono Bificial Module LF590-LF610M12-60H/BF

530W-550Watt Half-Cell Mono Bifacial Module LF530-550M10-72HBF

530W-550W Half-Cell Mono Bificial Module LF530-550M10-72H/BF

650W-670Watt Half-Cell Mono Bifacial Module LF650-67OM12-66H

650W-670W Half-Cell Monoficial Module LF650-670M12-66H

Top-Selling Solar Inverters Products

Top-Selling Energy Storage Products

Use Natural Resources, Integrated Services And Solutions For Industry

Star The Force (Ningbo) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology-oriented new energy technology enterprise.

We prioritize the development of solar products based on the existing technology. Using the current technology, we put in our best effort to mass produce our products. Up to now, our products have covered over many countries around the world.

Since Star The Force combines solar products with the Internet, We can monitor the condition of our solar systems from any location, even in remote areas.

Natural Resources Integrated Services And Solutions For Industry
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Most Powerful Solar System

Using Innovation And Nature For Energy

Energy systems refer to the specific mechanisms by which energy is produced.
Sustainable Systems
Turbine Energy
Renewable Energy
Mission And Vision

“We believe in the right collaboration to save the earth - For its People”

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